Before sunrise

Oh! These film reminded me of you. Of our little silent affeir nobody knows about! How  sweet it was. We just had these four days. Four days ever.

Just kissing, talking, drinking, hanging around in Berlin. A place we both visited as tourists.

Sleeping in the same room. But with many others. No place to hide.

No place for Sex.

I will always remember your face when I stepped into the elvevator and saw your face for the very last time after that wonderful breakfast in that beautiful little cafe.

And I´ll never forget us standin at the top of the Berlin Dome when you said: Whenever ´ll think of Berlin, I´ll think of that blonde German girl. That you shyly t took my hand and kissed me while we enoyed that overwhelming view over Berlin dring a very hot summer day.

             Kiss you Doney


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